blog David Sturt’s article “The Easiest Thing You Can Do to be a Great Boss” does an excellent job of highlighting what all employee in any organisation could use more of; praise and recognition. It’s something that is repeatedly taught in leadership and management circles, but like exercise when you are busy, it’s also one of the first things that falls by the wayside when times get tough. From personal experience coaching different people at many differently levels, lack of recognition is one of the major points of frustration and a key component in loss of employee engagement.

One important caveat in the article is that it is important to pay attention to how that recognition is provided. In Australia and the U.K., public acknowledgement is appreciated, but perhaps with less fanfare than would typically be desired in America. According to research, in India and Mexico, bursting into dance and song may not even go astray!

The study quoted in the article found that recognition directly affects morale and engagement, with 87% of employees from organisations with strong recognition practices reporting that they felt a strong relationship with their direct manager. This number slumped to 51% when there was not a culture of praise and recognition. Interestingly, but perhaps not surprisingly, there was also a strong correlation between loyalty and acknowledgement, particularly when it occurs at least once a month or more. They also found a connection between recognition and job satisfaction.

All of this points to a very easy and cost effective way to improve employee morale and engagement, cultivate loyalty and reduce the negative impacts of employee disengagement.

What are your experiences giving and receiving praise? When have seen it done well or done poorly? Please feel free to comment in the section below.

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