The Futures Group facilitated a SWOT process to bring together a range of different stakeholder groups to review a key educational initiative focused on up-skilling WA Teachers to plan for future needs.

The Futures Group supported the Executive Director in obtaining confidential feedback from both coaches and players to provide information that would assist management address any blockages to optimum staff performance, build on what was working well, and demonstrate to both groups their feedback is valued and important to the business. These project also included two exit interviews.

The Futures Group was requested by the CEO to undertake a collaborative team review due to a change in circumstances and some on-going team climate issues.

Feedback was sought from all team members through individual interviews to establish views on what’s working well within the team, what could be improved and any perceived barriers to effective individual and team performance.

The Futures Group worked with a large group at the Agency to help build the capacity of the team. This involved the provision of 360° feedback, follow-up one-on-one coaching and delivery of a one day workshop on communication, values and behaviours.

The Futures Group worked with a WA Shire Council to develop a Workforce Plan.

The Futures Group ran the Department’s Graduate Development Program Assessment Centre process. This direct experience ensured we delivered a smooth, efficient and fair recruitment process for all participants.

The Futures Group supported the Board of a regional Cooperative to attract and recruit a new General Manager.

The Group’s executive team has tried to put in place a Reward and Recognition Program for years, but commercial priorities had impeded it. The CEO continually encourages his staff to pursue professional development and ongoing training. An opportunity arose to combine both a business objective with the development of recognised leaders in the organisation.

The CEO requested The Futures Group assistance to provide professional development to the senior management team to further develop their ability to self-reflect and to consider their unique view of the world, strengths and potential challenges to enhance both their leadership skills and the capacity of the team.

Following the appointment of a Director General, The Futures Group was engaged to assist in the appointment of a Corporate Executive team to shape and manage the Department’s strategic direction.

The Futures Group has assisted the Public Sector Commission (PSC) to undertake executive search and recruitment processes for a range of CEO appointments across the State. 

The Futures Group was engaged to recruit a senior lawyer for the body’s Legal Services and Operations team.

The brief from the client was to work with the senior leadership group of a national retailer to develop their capacity to lead, engage and motivate their team. The Futures Group used the PRINT, a profiling tool specifically designed for professionals who want to develop their leadership and motivational skills to build a more motivated, satisfied and higher performing team.

To develop the self awareness, communication and team building skills of the senior management group The Futures Group conducted a team orientated workshop for 15 staff utilising the DISC ADVANCED® behavioural profiling system. Final content of a development program will be determined by further briefing.

The WA Government Department engaged The Futures Group to support staff through redeployment when a team was abolished as a result of the election of the new Government.

The aim was to help affected staff define their core skills and expertise, and identify areas of development to assist both them and the Government in finding alternative positions.

The Futures Group was engaged to improve the performance and accountability of the department’s Water Resource Assessment team.

The Futures Group partnered with the company to define a strategy to retain organisational knowledge and provide a framework to promote better knowledge sharing across the organisation.

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