The brief from the client was to work with the senior leadership group of a national retailer to develop their capacity to lead, engage and motivate their team. The Futures Group used the PRINT, a profiling tool specifically designed for professionals who want to develop their leadership and motivational skills to build a more motivated, satisfied and higher performing team.

All participants in the PRINT workshop were provided with individual feedback on their unconscious motivators and their impact on their ‘best self’ (the best representation of all their skills and abilities) and what triggers them into negative or ineffective behaviour.

The Futures Group also worked with management to build their skill and capacity to have challenging conversations with staff and through the PRINT. We provided practical examples and key strategies for engaging and communicating with staff members.

Feedback from the session was extremely positive, with participants remarking that they gained valuable insight into their own motivators, what their ‘best self’ looks like for them, and how to best engage with staff members to bring about a positive result.

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