The Group’s executive team has tried to put in place a Reward and Recognition Program for years, but commercial priorities had impeded it. The CEO continually encourages his staff to pursue professional development and ongoing training. An opportunity arose to combine both a business objective with the development of recognised leaders in the organisation.

The Futures Group was engaged to facilitate Business Driven Action Learning (BDAL). BDAL aims to achieve a measurable business outcome in the form of a Rewards and Recognition Program (the Action component); as well as new understanding and insight among the participants (the Learning component).

Following consultation with the CEO and executive team, The Futures Group conducted an initial workshop to familiarise the participants with the objectives of BDAL with eight identified leaders within the Group.

The Futures Group then encouraged the participants to build their leadership skills and direct themselves in developing and implementing the Rewards and Recognition Program. We facilitated and directed meetings where necessary and encouraged continual self-reflection throughout the BDAL project.

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