The Futures Group partnered with the company to define a strategy to retain organisational knowledge and provide a framework to promote better knowledge sharing across the organisation.

There were a number of organisational frameworks and processes to capture lessons learned in developments and projects. However, despite having extensive systems in place there are still a number of identified shortcomings:

  • Similar lessons from past projects are being documented across current projects. This demonstrated that nothing has changed; the lessons are not being learned.
  • Issues captured (lessons) are not being investigated to determine root cause. In some cases the lessons were simply complaints.
  • There was no place in the systems to capture the learnings of some of the softer lessons such as adherence to standards and procedures, contractor alignment and the like.
  • Searching for lessons at the beginning of a project or phase was very arduous.

The Futures Group involvement resulted in an enormously successful initial pilot project which culminated in a knowledge asset being created that identified major cost savings and a strong return on investment. Further pilot projects are ongoing.

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