Following the appointment of a Director General, The Futures Group was engaged to assist in the appointment of a Corporate Executive team to shape and manage the Department’s strategic direction.

The Department had been a regulatory body focused on water conservation; but the Director General and Minister envisioned the Department as an industry leader across the State and nation. With this new strategic direction, the Department sought to become a forward-thinking organisation that would be at the forefront of water strategy with an emphasis on urban and regional development, taking into consideration key economic, social and environmental implications.

To realise this vision, The Futures Group conducted a nationwide executive search process and recruitment of all Executive Director and Director positions.

We consulted with key stakeholders across the public and private sectors, including water industry experts, rural and urban developers and commercial entities. The Futures Group then conducted an efficient, merit-based selection process for each position, including shortlisting, interview and collection of 360˚ references to determine relevant knowledge, experience, skills and cultural fit for the roles.

The Futures Group provided detailed reports for each executive selection, outlining the process undertaken and assessment of all applicants to ensure transparency and compliance with Public Sector guidelines.

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