The Futures Group provided advocacy support and representation for an employee in a Fair Treatment Case. This required a briefing with the respondent, preparation of documentation and attendance at hearing to present case.

The Futures Group was engaged to provide investigation and mediation services, which involved contentious stakeholders and a need for the utmost confidentiality. Our consultant was able to frame the investigation in a methodical, unbiased way and presented information to mediate a successful outcome between the parties involved.

The Futures Group continues to provide independent advice and support in the classification of jobs within a specific Local Government classification framework.

The Futures Group was engaged to undertake an investigation and provide a report advising whether an alleged breach of discipline was substantiated and if so, whether this was deemed a minor breach or a serious breach.

The Futures Group was engaged to develop and implement on an ongoing basis a new job classification system. The previous system was unreliable, inconsistent and had led to widespread discontent with the job classification process.

The Futures Group was engaged by the Department, to undertake an independent investigation into the concerns raised by an employee.

Allegations had been raised regarding a campus with approximately 30 employees and 10 to 15 in-patient beds that nursing staff could not be retained due to bullying by management. Questions in Parliament alleging beds were being closed in the ward due to this problem and patients were being turned away.

The Futures Group has been supporting this company’s Human Resources department for the past four years by providing advice and assistance with a range of visa and operational activities.

The Futures Group was engaged by the Deputy Board Chair of a company with approximately 30 employees when a senior staff member raised allegations of extreme bullying by the Board Chair/Managing Director. The investigation was to enable briefing of legal representatives on options for the Managing Director’s (MD) future role with the company.

The Futures Group was requested to review the administrative support requirements of the organisation’s policy and strategy area. A job analysis methodology was used to systematically investigate the workload, tasks, duties and responsibilities required for administrative support and recommendations were then provided.

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