The Futures Group was engaged to develop and implement on an ongoing basis a new job classification system. The previous system was unreliable, inconsistent and had led to widespread discontent with the job classification process.

The new system we developed still incorporated relevant local government legislation, but was also fair, unbiased, consistent, efficient and cost effective. A new scoring system aligned closely with the previous level bands so existing job levels were not thrown out. The Futures Group worked with the client to develop guidance notes for those undertaking new job classification to determine the appropriate level for the proposed role, and a policy document on the purpose of the new classification system.

These were all imported into our online classification Job Organisational Evaluation System - J.O.E.S. This facilitates fast, accurate and efficient classification and assessment of proposed positions. Information is stored in the ‘cloud’ and J.O.E.S. can interface with existing platforms without compromising their current function.

The Futures Group benchmarked a range of different positions to test and calibrate the new classification system. A new position description was also developed in order to be clearer and more streamlined in the presentation of role-related information. The Futures Group also developed training documentation to ensure Managers were adequately trained and aware of the key steps involved in developing a position description. Training documentation was also developed in relation to the classification review committee members to clarify their role and demonstrate to them how to use the system. The Futures Group then developed the classification report template, including relevant scoring information, guidance notes, and a clear argument/rationalisation behind each of the factor levels chosen and the overall level of the position.

The Futures Group now has an ongoing relationship with the City of Swan to handle all of their classification matters.

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