The Futures Group was engaged by the Deputy Board Chair of a company with approximately 30 employees when a senior staff member raised allegations of extreme bullying by the Board Chair/Managing Director. The investigation was to enable briefing of legal representatives on options for the Managing Director’s (MD) future role with the company.

After scoping the requirements The Futures Group consultant conducted confidential interviews with all senior staff and others involved. The MD was then interviewed for his version of events. As he was known to be litigious, none of the staff were willing to make a formal complaint about any specific incident. They indicated the situation was more about ongoing behaviour, intimidation and verbal abuse than any one incident.

The MD was keen to have his ‘day in court’ to defend and dispute allegations.

Following interviews, The Futures Group researched workplace bullying in general, sought consultation from WorkSafe representatives and analysed the commonalities amongst all the interviews conducted with the staff involved. The Futures Group provided a recommendation to the Board in regard to the serious perception, real or otherwise, that had been formed by the senior staff that their workplace had become toxic to the extent they were willing to resign en masse. Regardless of whether bullying had or had not occurred, the workplace had become hazardous to employee wellbeing and the Board was therefore required to take action.

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