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The holistic approach of the Futures Group is based on our service offerings:

icon strategic Performance Consulting

The starting point to achieve a high performing culture is a defined vision and a clear strategy to align staff to achieve organisational goals. The Futures Group assists executive and senior management teams define organisational goals and develop their business strategy. We help you develop operational plans and strategies to ensure all staff are aligned and working effectively toward your key strategic and operational priorities.

And, we give leaders the tools to define and measure the results that they hold themselves and others accountable to deliver.



icon talent Engagement
The Futures Group is here to support you in being a smarter, and more capable, resourceful and creative leader.

We help leaders who understand the importance of their people and are committed to building a talent management strategy that is relentlessly focused on successfully building their most important asset – their people.

The Futures Group has also successfully challenged the traditional recruitment firm model by being easier to deal with, having a strategic understanding of business, and being consistently more efficient in assessing and delivering outstanding candidates for senior roles.


icon talent Compliance
The Futures Group strategic HR services support leaders and managers in defining and prioritising the necessary HR objectives that need to be achieved to also achieve your organisation’s goals.

We will coach, educate and support your leaders to ensure you are compliant with legislation and have the necessary HR tools and strategies in place. If you prefer, The Futures Group can provide an outsourced HR solution that will save you time and money – and let you sleep at night!

We can also assist you with job evaluation or classification, and in the investigation of a complaint, alleged employee misconduct, or a potentially undesirable situation in the workplace.

The Futures Group can also ensure you are aware of your responsibilities and compliant with the Fair Work Act 2009 and in particular the Workplace Gender Equality discrimination laws.


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