To maximise the effectiveness of an organisation’s leaders, The Futures Group can design and deliver tailored or off-the-shelf Leadership Development Programs. We can work with staff on an individual or team basis to assess and build their leaderships skills and capabilities.

Our coaching solutions are focused on empowering individuals to plan and manage their own careers, ensuring they build skills which can be used at other critical crossroads in their careers. Participants will be guided by expert coaches and set highly tailored goals based on their objectives, values and motivational drivers.

The Futures Group can provide coaching programs designed and targeted to working with teams as a whole. Our consultants and coaches will apply our coaching process and techniques to evaluate individual profiles and team dynamics to develop an approach to improving team performance.

It is essential for any organisation to invest in its people to build success. Executive Coaching is a highly effective approach to developing talented individuals and building skills and abilities for a more engaged, effective and successful organisation. Professional executive coaching enables individuals to unlock their potential; be more effective, productive and healthy; develop skills to enhance their leadership and management, strategic, creative and critical thinking; and improve their self-awareness, confidence, emotional intelligence and resilience.

The Futures Group is pleased to be able to offer individual and group coaching services to rural and remote locations through our online coaching facility. Conducted via interactive online video link-ups, our program is targeted at first time managers to prepare them for leadership and the key challenges that will present through the development of core skills and competencies.

360 degree Feedback provides a structured framework to enable you to undertake an in-depth assessment of employees against business-critical behaviours and skills. It also provides the opportunity to obtain two-way feedback to develop a greater understanding of your employees’ perceptions, build trust, and maximise your leadership efforts.


The Futures Group consultants work with key organisational project sponsors to first identify and undertake transformation planning to develop a strategic plan to develop a new vision, mission, processes and polices to identify what needs to change to move the organisation from a ‘present’ state to a ‘future’ state.


The LSI is survey instrument and approach that helps individuals to better understand themselves and others. It is designed to promote constructive, transformational change, with feedback that assists individuals and teams to more clearly understand what is currently supporting and hindering their personal effectiveness and provides guidance to developing more constructive styles of thinking and behaving.

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PRINT is a profiling tool specifically designed for professionals who want to develop their leadership and motivational skills to build a more motivated, satisfied and higher performing team.

The PRINT report outlines your unconscious motivators. These are your hidden and core underlying needs that operate on an unconscious level. They can be surprising, and are often a strong driving force behind people’s decisions, actions and behaviours.

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