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PRINT is a profiling tool specifically designed for professionals who want to develop their leadership and motivational skills to build a more motivated, satisfied and higher performing team.

The PRINT report outlines your unconscious motivators. These are your hidden and core underlying needs that operate on an unconscious level. They can be surprising, and are often a strong driving force behind people’s decisions, actions and behaviours.

How you view the world, your behaviour choices, what drives you, what you seek to avoid, your decisions and triggers, how you relate to and communicate with people, are all a function of your PRINT. Your PRINT impacts on everything you do. Understanding your PRINT and the PRINTS of others can help you make better behaviour choices, be more tuned into and avoid triggering others, be more productive, better motivate others and yourself, and improve your personal performance.

PRINT improves interactions throughout the workplace and it is invaluable for providing self-insight and self-development. It is also valuable in team building and development, resolving conflicts and leadership development.

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