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Job evaluation and classification services are a way for an organisation to determine the worth or value of a job in relation to other positions in the organisation.

We can also help you have greater certainty to support remuneration decisions.

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Developing your job evaluation process

What we do

Many organisations need an independent review of their workforce and want to create an unbiased reward system based solely on job content.

The Futures Group develops targeted job evaluation processes to match your industry award, EBA or provides job evaluation and classification services for many government and private sector organisations. We provide stand-alone systems to be used internally by HR departments or once we have established a system, we can manage it and provide independent advice, classification reviews and reports for all job levels.


  • JOES© job classification program

The JOES© classification tool

What we do

JOES© is an on-line program that allows easy migration of older schemes and ensures compliance with relevant awards and pay legislation. System scoring was derived through analysis of the most widely used evaluation schemes available globally (Hay, Towers, Mercers) and adopting the weightings used by these schemes into JOES© using the geometric progression principle. The JOES© system has been extensively run in parallel with all of the most widely used schemes to ensure parity of scoring with them.


  • JOES© job classification program

Customised Job Evaluation services for private and public sectors

What we do

We can customise the JOES© system to meet your individual company requirements and can undertake the work to amalgamate different award conditions and pay levels to cover all roles in one system.

For WA government agencies, The Futures Group has adapted the BI/PERS classification system to JOES© to remove the paper-based process with a software program that:

  • Stores all the relevant information
  • Calculates the factor scoring
  • Allows work to be tracked and salary modelling and job descriptions to be developed
  • Provides a repository for future reference.

The system can be managed by HR departments and allows further customisation to meet an individual organisation’s needs.


  • JOES© BI/PERS program


Your job evaluation and classification systems efficiently and accurately determine the worth or value of a job in relation to other positions in the organisation to provide certainty for staff and to support remuneration decisions.

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