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Almost every organisation will have to investigate a complaint, alleged employee misconduct, or a potentially undesirable situation in the workplace at some point.

We support organisations through the process of workplace investigations in Perth and regionally with a structured and professional approach.

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The Futures Group provides independent and impartial investigation services for situations ranging from dealing with informal complaints to significant and complex formal investigations. Our consultants are highly qualified and recognised in this field.

We systematically gather the facts, sort out all the details, analyse the information and reach a conclusion that leads to action within the workplace; or a comprehensive response to an external complainant or agency such as the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission. The internal or external perception of how thoroughly and objectively that investigation has been conducted is critical.


Through our workplace investigation leaders will have defined and measureable results that they hold themselves and others accountable to deliver.

We have achieved outstanding results for our clients, we can do the same for you
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