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You should be aware of your responsibilities under Fair Work Act 2009 and in particular the Workplace Gender Equality discrimination laws – but if you’re not, it could be an issue.

The Futures Group helps organisations ensure compliance by undertaking the necessary data collection and analysis and focusing on developing effective measures to address any gender inequality issues that are revealed and resolve any issues such as workplace bulling.

Your needs

Private sector organisations with a workforce of over 100 are required to provide a Gender Equality report and submit a workplace profile.

What we do

The Workplace Gender Equality Act 2012 aims to improve and promote equality for both women and men in the workplace. It focuses on:

  • equal Pay
  • equal Support (for example, family)
  • Australia’s productivity and efficiency


  • Job Evaluation system

Organisations with 500 employees or more are also required to meet the minimum standards outlined by the Minister.

What we do

The Futures Group can assist you by:

  • Compiling the data and producing the report. We can also analyse the data to assess the gender equity of your organisation and also perform a Pay Gap Analysis
  • Providing advice and developing relevant policies, strategies and improvement initiatives
  • Providing Equal Opportunity training
  • Developing a communication strategy to ensure the relevant stakeholders are informed, have access to, and are provided with, the opportunity to comment on the report.


You are fully aware of and compliant with your responsibilities under the Fair Work Act 2009 and Workplace Gender Equality discrimination laws and have effective measures to address any gender inequality issues and issues such as workplace bullying.

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