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Being a leader and decision-maker is a challenge in today's complex world. But you are smart and capable, resourceful and creative, and The Futures Group is here to support you.

Sometimes it helps to seek an outside perspective in order to make the best possible decisions. With the help of our leadership development strategies and change management strategies we support teams to achieve peak performance by tailoring our approach to focus, align and build group synergy and motivation.

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Leadership intervention

What we do

We work with CEOs and executive teams to create a more positive way leaders or the leadership group interact and enhance their leadership by their taking ownership of the problem, and responsibility for creating change.

Honest and open conversations form the basis, and tools such as 360 Feedback, PRINT motivational profiling and the Circumplex by Human Synergistics are used to show the effects of leadership on culture.


  • 360 feedback
  • LSI-Circumplex

Leadership coaching and mentoring

What we do

Coaching develops talented individuals and builds skills and abilities to create an engaged and successful organisation. We provide a variety of coaching options and have developed a number of standard packages based on our experience. However, all coaching is tailored to the individual.


  • Leadership coaching
  • Skills analysis questionnaire

Team coaching

What we do

We also provide coaching programs designed and targeted to whole teams. Group Coaching works with individuals in a group context and is used to build group skills and accountability or embed learning after a skills program. In Corporate Group Coaching, participants share knowledge and support and empower each other in an environment that builds practical skills.

The Futures Group can also provide video conference coaching for rural or remote staff and group sessions can be arranged.


Our tailored leadership development approach in Perth ensures, you will have a positive leader and leadership group with the skills and abilities to create an engaged and successful organisation.

We have achieved outstanding results for our clients, we can do the same for you
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