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The Futures Group has successfully challenged the traditional recruitment firm model by:

  • Being easier to deal with
  • Having a strategic understanding of business
  • Being consistently more efficient in assessing and delivering outstanding candidates for senior roles.

Our values reflect respect for people, and a commitment to high performance, helping you find the right person for the job through our executive search in Perth and regionally.

Your needs

CEO and Senior Management Recruitment and Selection

What we do

We have extensive experience partnering with Chairmen and Boards to fill CEO and senior management positions across all sectors, and have assisted from advertising through the interview and appointment processes.


  • Shortlising matrices

Assessment centres

What we do

We have a range of cost effective, practical and evidence-based strategies to ensure ease of assessment for all stakeholders.


  • A range of psychometric tests to evaluate individual capabilities, styles and preferences to inform selection.


A sound strategic understanding of your business and effective executive search and recruitment with the right tools mean you are consistently efficient in assessing and selecting outstanding high performing candidates for senior roles.

We have achieved outstanding results for our clients, we can do the same for you
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