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The Futures Group assists executive and senior management teams to develop their Business Strategy.

We partner with executive teams to assess the current state of the organisation, analyse the external environment and facilitate decision-making to determine strategic objectives and initiatives to achieve them.

Your needs

Initial analysis to understand vision and goals

What we do

Listen to fully understand the business vision, key priorities and issues. Identify the way forward through feedback and a collaborative problem-solving approach.


  • Desired state – CEO/senior management consultation, interviews and workshops

Strategic vision and plan

What we do

A clear strategic plan and goals is essential for achieving superior organisational and team performance, building a brand, growth and competitive advantage. The Futures Group structured Strategic Planning Framework guides clients through the strategic decision-making process to establish a clear strategy with defined actions and goals aligned with the corporate vision. We then help you develop a clear and simple plan that all staff can understand.


  • One page strategic plan
  • Balanced Scorecard

Organisational current state assessment

What we do

Current-state analysis determines where the organisation is today – so it can plan effectively to move from the current reality to the desired future. Barriers and enablers identified through interviews, surveys and focus groups with staff and clients are assessed against a standard model such as the McKinsey 7S Framework – Strategy, Structure, Systems, Style, Shared values, Skills and Staff


  • Stakeholder Feedback Survey
  • Root Cause Analysis


Our management consulting approach will allow you and your senior team to have clarity and a joint understanding around the critical question of “Where you want the organisation to go?” and the “real” current state of the organisation to move forward.

We have achieved outstanding results for our clients, we can do the same for you
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