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Ensuring that all staff are aligned and working effectively toward the key strategic and operational priorities of every business, large or small, is fundamental to maximising employee performance.

The Futures Group will help ensure your staff are engaged in the process and understand how what they do is important to the business. Often when there Is workplace change, employees and executive may not transition with these changes effectively. If your organisation is seeking to implement change, then The Futures Group will work to ensure the changes are planned, communicated and supported to embed a new way of working within your organisation.

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Operational planning

What we do

Take clients through a clear and structured Operational Planning process to convert the Strategic Plan into operational activities, objectives and performance metrics. We facilitate workshops and cross-departmental dialogue to clearly define objectives, success factors, measureable targets and desired outcomes that cascade through the organisation to ensure a consistent focus on the key business priorities. Develop Balanced Scorecards at organisational, departmental and individual levels to implement the Operational Plan to ensure clients can easily monitor and measure progress towards strategic goals.


  • 12 month operational plan
  • Capacity needs assessment – skills, knowledge, attributes

Action plan

What we do

Action planning ties everything together. An action plan is developed for each line of business, existing and proposed and at all levels. It is here that the goals and objectives for the organisation are developed. A small number of annual targets to move toward the vision are selected. We can assist with execution of the plans, reporting and taking evidence-based action when required.


  • Action plan

Change management strategy

What we do

Business transformation is a reality for every business that wants to survive, evolve, and remain relevant to its customers and stakeholders. We understand this reality – and also the inherent pitfalls in the process if transformation isn’t planned and managed well. We support your business to plan, manage and embed change, to engage staff and achieve a cultural shift.


The Futures Group is certified in Prosci’s Change Management Methodology.


Our strategic change management approach will ensure, you and your organisation have a clear vision, strategic and operational plans and a change strategy to achieve superior organisational and team performance, build your brand, and grow to attain a competitive advantage.

We have achieved outstanding results for our clients, we can do the same for you
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