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Performance improvement won’t happen without accountability.

It relies on the accountability attitudes, practices, and systems that are in place in an organisation.

Our management consulting team in Perth help leaders define and measure the results that they hold themselves and others accountable to deliver.

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What we do

We help develop Key Performance Indicators and cascade and embed them in the organisation by incorporating them into the performance management system.


  • KPI toolkit

Accountability matrix

What we do

Responsible, Accountable, Consulted, and Informed – RACI = four levels of ‘answerability’. We use a RACI framework to define levels of accountability and responsibility at all levels of the organisation or team, and across all aspects of a project or change management process.


  • RACI framework

Performance management

What we do

Individual and team performance management and development are powerful tools to communicate your business strategy to staff, give them a clear understanding of their job and its requirements – and support them in achieving their goals – and yours. Where performance is not up to scratch, we can help you effectively manage or improve it.

Performance management is a cycle that enables the organisation to get better results from its teams and individuals by understanding and managing performance within an agreed framework.

This framework clearly outlines planned goals and standards, links the organisation's overall goals to the work of each individual employee, managers and team.

We also support executives and managers to develop their skills and confidence to provide constructive feedback, particularly in relation to sub-standard performance.


  • Performance Management and development tool kit
  • Performance Agreement templates.

Values and behaviours

What we do

An organisation’s values and behaviours are a key driver in defining organisational culture. We work closely with our clients to help develop the values and behaviours that will support the their goals by setting standards for staff behaviour and performance and embedding the culture in the organisation.

Workshops and consultation engage staff in behaviour standards for which they can hold each other accountable. We also help you embed the values and behaviours by integrating them in your brand, recruitment, training, and performance management and development processes.


  • Values and behavior framework


Leaders have defined and measureable results that they hold themselves and others accountable to deliver.

We have achieved outstanding results for our clients, we can do the same for you
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