What is PRINT®?

PRINT is a method for identifying the unconscious motivations of people, offering tremendous insight into their behaviors and actions. PRINTs are grouped into nine basic categories, called Major PRINTs; each with their own way of thinking, feeling and behaving; their own unique view of the world; and their own set of strengths and potential challenges. Each person also has a secondary or Minor PRINT in addition to his or her Major PRINT. When we consider all of the combinations available, we realize there are actually 72 different patterns.


What are the benefits of knowing PRINT®?

1. PRINT builds understanding. They help us to understand and appreciate why people act as they do. They help to make sense out of the puzzling behaviors that are often encountered and explain why we may see something one way while others may view that same thing from an entirely different perspective.


 2. PRINT plays a vital role in personal/professional development. They provide insight into why we sometimes communicate very effectively and behave quite positively and other times we don’t. Besides allowing us to recognize our strengths, it also brings to light things about ourselves that can be improved, allowing our relationships and interactions to be more productive and our performance enhanced. Specific techniques and strategies are available to help build up each PRINT’s strengths (Best Self) and help eliminate each PRINT’s unproductive tendencies (Shadow behaviors).


3. PRINT paves the way for improved interpersonal relations. They teach us where we may be bringing out the worst in others, advertently or inadvertently, because we are doing or saying things or using tones or choosing words that “trigger” them. And they may be doing this to us as well. When we learn about our own and other’s PRINTs, we find out about the triggers that set off each PRINT, why these actions have the effect they do and the specific strategies we can use to avoid triggering other PRINTs.


4. PRINT is an essential leadership tool. As managers and leaders, our ability to motivate our people successfully is essential, and it can be greatly enhanced by knowing their PRINTs and what drives their behaviors and their performance. And as a manager, if we know our own PRINT and how it interfaces with the PRINTs of our staff, we can bring out the best in them and do a better job of developing them professionally. Tailored motivation strategies for each PRINT improve the capabilities of managers and leaders.


5. PRINT enhances team effectiveness. Successful collaboration, cooperation, and team productivity all hinge on the members of a team trusting one another, building on one another’s strengths, compensating for one another’s weaknesses, showing respect for one another’s perspectives, among other characteristics. All of these are greatly enhanced when PRINTs are known. A team’s PRINT Wheel provides the basis for analysis and discussion of the team’s collective strengths and possible blind spots, as determined by the distribution of PRINT patterns (a statistical formula depicting the relative influences of Major and Minor Patterns).


6. PRINT is invaluable during the recruiting and placement process. Knowing a candidate’s PRINT – their positive attributes as well as the areas that could benefit from growth and development, their view of the world, their work style, their behavior under stress, what motivates them, what they are          naturally good at and where they might encounter some difficulties, what irritates them, and what they most likely seek to avoid.... this composite picture of a person offers an interviewer vital insight into an individual being considered for hire.

Using specialized interviewing techniques unique to PRINTs, a candidate’s natural and adaptive styles are revealed, critical information that only a deeper set of customized PRINT related questions could uncover. In other words, PRINT specific interview questions provide essential clues to how well a candidate is able to stay in Best Self and not reveal his or her Shadow traits, under a variety of conditions and circumstances. Knowing the PRINT of a potential hire and that of the people they will be working with, particularly an immediate manager, is equally as beneficial, as it offers predictive information about compatibility and fit.

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