What is PRINT?

PRINT is a profiling tool specifically designed for professionals who want to develop their leadership and motivational skills in order to build a more motivated, satisfied and higher performing team. PRINT was created for organisations that place a high value in people, invest in their development and strive to maintain a positive culture.

   What do you get?

The PRINT report outlines your unconscious motivators. These are your hidden and core underlying needs that operate on an unconscious level. They can be surprising and are often a strong driving force behind people’s decisions, actions and behaviours. Everyone has two unconscious motivators, a Major and a Minor, but one always dominates.

Unconscious motivators can either manifest as our ‘Best Self’, which is positive, productive behaviour, where people are performing at their highest and their talents, strengths and abilities shine through and they can reach their full potential. However, our unconscious motivators can also drive negative or ‘Shadow’ behaviour. Shadow behaviour is automatic, negative behaviour that people can engage in when they’ve been triggered. This behaviour inhibits people using their strengths and abilities effectively. The goal is to be able to identify shadow behaviour when it’s occurring and take steps to prevent or minimise the impact. Often shadow behaviour occurs because someone has been triggered. A trigger is any action or non-action by another individual or a specific event or situation that attacks one’s Unconscious Motivators. These can be intentional or unintentional, conscious or unconscious.

How will print help you individually and your team?

How you view the world, your behaviour choices, what drives you, what you seek to avoid, your decisions and Triggers, how you relate to and communicate with people, etc, all are a function of your PRINT. So your PRINT impacts everything you do. Understanding your PRINT and the PRINTS of others can help you make better behaviour choices, to be more tuned into and avoid triggering others, be more productive, better motivate others and yourself, improve your personal.

PRINT is a dynamic tool for enhancing communication, productivity, motivation and relationships. It improves interactions throughout the workplace. PRINT can increase job satisfaction and more and it is invaluable for providing self-insight and self-development. In addition, PRINT is valuable in team building and development, resolving conflicts and leadership development.

What is required?

Once you have registered to participate in a PRINT profiling exercise you will be given a briefing on the tool and what it is designed for. An online link will then be sent to you to complete a questionnaire. The report is developed within a couple of days. A feedback session will then be arranged with a certified coach to provide a full briefing.

Additional coaching is also available to develop a personal development plan.

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