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The Futures Group and Knoco Ltd are proud to work collaboratively to assist your organisation with your Knowledge Management (KM) requirements.

Founded in 1999 by core members of BP’s internationally acclaimed Group KM Team, Knoco serves a growing international client base in oil and gas, petrochemicals, mining, nuclear, energy, FMCG, defence, broadcast and service industries. Knoco has been instrumental in developing knowledge management frameworks for several major project-based organisations. Clients include multinational companies and private and public sector organisations from North and South America, the Middle East, the Far East, Africa and Australasia.

Knoco has over 11 years practical experience in the field of Knowledge Management and using various models, The Futures Group will deliver coaching, training, KM services and strategic guidance to clients across industries. Together, Knoco and The Futures Group have a robust Gap Assessment methodology, which allows KM initiatives to be benchmarked with, and to learn from, best-in-class KM approaches. We provide Knowledge Management Implementation consultancy, facilitation of KM services such as facilitating lessons learned, knowledge capture interviewing, and Community of Practice launch and support.

Recent successes include three clients who have been MAKE awards finalists. Application of our KM approach resulted in over $700 million in quantifiable benefits in a single year for BP; $28 million in De Beers in the first year of implementation; and over $1 billion in KM-enabled value for Mars.

The Futures Group is Knoco’s sole West Australian operator with other partners in Canada, Denmark, Hungary, India, Indonesia, South Africa, the United States and a training partner in Spain.

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